All The Pictures Will Be Gone

by Wolke

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Bears & Bees 03:09


Fabrizio Cacciamali’s Wolke debut. A very gentle sounding scape of rhythms and sounds, sounds that will tweak areas of the audible spectrum rarely touched.
Wolke's debut album of oddly paired chilled out melodic infrastructures and very natural sounding percussive "sound effects" is a gentle ride set in a theme park for the kid at heart. The array of possibilities are endless when everything is music. That typed, let's let the music make for itself what you will.
The album is a collection of textural beat driven ambiance created in 2010-11 as a dedication to his loving mother who passed from this world. Take a listen to it’s unique use of organic hiss, pops and glitches as they compliment simple and dissonant melodies of synthesis.

Please note that the album was intentionally left unmastered
to preserve a more organic and domestic feel,
and a more genuine taste.

Released by Abandon Building Records

Music composed by Fabrizio Cacciamali
between 2009 and 2011,at home.
Thanks to Matt@Abandon Building,
Love to Titti,Martina,Gianluca,Marzia,Dad...
and all the other people i really love!
This record is dedicated to my beloved Mum,
who sadly passed away,on a sunday.
May your journey be peaceful,happy and free,
there's a heaven and there's a star for you.


P R E S S Q U O T E S :


"Wolke’s All The Pictures Will Be Gone is a tender and melancholic take on glitchy landscapes."

Wolke :: All The Pictures Will Be Gone (Abandon Building)—. Wolke is Fabrizio Cacciamali’s moniker for what is a tender and melancholic take on glitchy landscapes. All The Pictures Will Be Gone, dedicated to Cacciamali’s mother, is mournful yet delightful bit of music coming from Italy.

For an album intentionally left unmastered to “preserve the organic feel,” All The Pictures Will Be Gone is anything but sophomoric. Most of the songs provide a warm ambiance that positions Cacciamali’s as a very competent composer of glitchy tracks. Songs are often accompanied by live percussion and pops and glitches that come naturally out of every song,like in the album’s title track,where glitches take precedence over “organic melodies”.

Even though the welcoming sounds of Wolke are not entirely original, they are well crafted and hit that melancholic sweet spot often forgotten by glitch enthusiasts. Feeling is important.


"A glimmering and spacious début LP from Wolke,
who takes you by the hand on an intimate sonic journey."

To continue with my love affair with Abandon Building Records – given the three to four posts on artists associated with them - I’d like to draw deserved attention to the work of Fabrizio Cacciamali, who produces under the moniker Wolke.

His recently released début album (All The Pictures Will Be Gone), is a piece steeped in warm nostalgia, resplendent with intricate detail and an infatuating charm. In it, he blends calm ambiance with restless movement, perhaps reflecting those little pockets of reflective sanctuary in our hectic modern lives.

From what I gather via BandCamp, the album was intentionally left unmastered. Far from making it feel unfinished, however, it lends an appreciable rawness to the sound. There’s plenty of high end brilliance twinkling away at the top of each track, with every pop, every bleep and every crackle stimulating the eardrums. Airy pads and ultra-minimal beats occupy the mid to highs, with little in the way of bass beyond the odd glitched-out rumble.

It being quite a lengthy listen, the experience becomes almost meditative, perhaps even dreamlike. It’s a contrasting mix of sounds too. Even though the reverberations create a wide sense of space, the constant hissing becomes claustrophobic – similar to how it might feel inside a space capsule orbiting Earth, as you gaze upon the vast expanse of the universe while cocooned in a tiny bubble of technology.

Cacciamali’s work provides a resonant listen. Though it never deviates far from his unique style, the unconventional rhythms and dynamism of his sound demonstrates a fresh approach to composition. I can’t help but be enthralled by the wealth of textures in each track, be captivated by the seemingly personal significance of every title and, naturally, be intrigued as to what he might put forward next.


Benché “All The Pictures Will Be Gone” segni l’avvio di una nuova avventura sotto l’alias Wolke, Fabrizio Cacciamali non è un novellino della scena elettronica italiana e internazionale, come dimostrano gli Ep e le partecipazioni a compilation delle quali constava finora la sua discografia a proprio nome. La cesura rappresentata da “All The Pictures Will Be Gone” non attiene dunque soltanto all’aspetto della denominazione, bensì allo stesso formato di un disco esteso, interpretato dall’artista milanese quale spazio ideale per rappresentare un composito universo sonoro in espansione, dalle dimensioni tanto ampie per estensione quanto infinitesimali per elementi costitutivi.

L’analogia rispecchia in maniera piuttosto fedele il viaggio nel suono e nei ricordi personali più cari descritto nele quattordici tracce dell’album (una in più nel formato digitale), tutte tranne una al di sotto dei quattro minuti di durata, come in una sequenza di diapositive costituite da filigrane sottilmente annodate, e tutte talmente ricche di sfaccettature da sottrarle a etichette stilistiche.

La musica di Cacciamali è senz’altro volta alla creazione di un’ambience sinuosa ed emozionale, attraverso una continua sintesi e ricombinazione di suoni elettro-acustici, ritmi e frammenti armonici talora appena al di sopra della soglia della percezione. I retaggi idm dell’artista milanese si percepiscono appunto negli interstizi ritmici, tuttavia non semplicemente sovrapposti a texture di base ma delle stesse costituenti parti integranti. È la cura delle dinamiche e degli incastri tra pulsazioni, field recordings e schegge acustiche a costituire il fulcro della ricerca di Wolke, nella quale una pluralità di elementi (dis)organici viene ricondotta a coerente unità attraverso un palpitante impressionismo compositivo, nel quale un ventaglio di melodie, glitch e detriti acusmatici assortiti scolora in una densa materia sonora il cui carattere di fragile fuggevolezza è acuito dalla consapevole scelta di Cacciamali di non sottoporre a mastering le tracce del lavoro.

Anche per questo, oltre che per lo stimolante puzzle di suoni, ritmi e stratificazioni ambientali, “All The Pictures Will Be Gone” è un lavoro che merita la scoperta per accuratezza compositiva e per la sensibiliità con la quale Cacciamali ha riempito una tavolozza espressiva distante dalle abituali derive dell’elettronica italiana e, piuttosto, assimilabile a esperienze elettro-acustiche di derivazione orientale.


"Wolke (Fabrizio Cacciamali) shows his skill at crafting melodic electronic miniatures, peppered with all manner of bubbling, skittering textures."

Here’s an album of breezy, pastoral glitchtronica from Milan on Abandon Building. Across the course of this album, Wolke (Fabrizio Cacciamali) shows his skill at crafting melodic electronic miniatures, peppered with all manner of bubbling, skittering textures. You might tend to associate glitch electronic with cold, austere soundscapes, this is anything but that, the tracks here are infused with a tender warmth and a sense of nostalgia.

While Wolke has definitely developed an identifiable signature style, its not really that original and reminds me of the sweeter side of early Black Dog and Opto, a collaboration from the early noughties between Alva Noto and Opiate. The combination of resonant, meandering melodies and fleeting, ultra high-definition detail has always been a winning formula in ambient music and this album definitely luxuriates in that area, without worrying itself about adding anything especially innovative.


"Intime esplorazioni colme di nostalgia."

In questa nostra abbandonata e morente penisola esiste ancora chi si cura dell’aspetto gentile nelle cose.
Esistono realta’ musicali magari poco conosciute ai piu’,che producono “gentilezza” a livello industriale,e lo fanno con estrema professionalita’ e bravura.
Fabrizio Cacciamali e’ uno di questi silenziosi artefici dediti all’arte della belta’ sussurrata.
Milanese,decisamente IDM addicted,tessitore instancabile di intrecci glitch,lievi beat e appena accennati field recordings,sui quali adagia suoni che profumano di elegantissimo ed astratto chill generato dal silenzio.
Un’ennesima conferma che il suono elettronico italiano sa farsi amare anche e soprattutto all’estero.


Wir mogen zwar visuelle Wesen sein.Doch wenn es um die wichtigen Momente im Leben geht,versagen die Bilder.Auch Fabrizio Cacciamali sah sich nach dem Tod seiner Mutter der Leere ausgesetzt.Seine musikalischen Erinnerungs-Skizzen fangen das ein,was gemeinhin der Zeit zum Opfer fallt: ein fluchtiger Blick,eine kurze Beruhrung, das Gefuhl tiefer Vertrautheit.Die Kompositionen aus zarten Gitarrenfiguren und weichen Obertonen errichten einen stillen Raum,eine Art klangliches Innehalten.Gelegentlich bleibt nur ein sanftes Knistern und Knacken - dahinter verbergen sich all die Bilder,die man bereits verloren wahnte.


released June 16, 2014


all rights reserved



Wolke Milano, Italy

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